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Faster Than Before (single)

by Pirosaint

Released 09/14/2018
Digmetalworld Records
Released 09/14/2018
Digmetalworld Records
Faster Than Before was written around the Ep ‘New God’ era back in 1997-98 by Alfredo Vicencio, Gozalo Rodriguez and Ignacio Orellana. This is one of those tracks that never got to be recorded until now.
  • 03:45 Story Lyrics Faster Than Before (single)

    Perfect day 
    Perfect time 
    Perfect Coffee 
    Perfect woman 
    Perfect son 
    Perfect school 
    Perfect house 
    Perfect car 
    Perfect job 
    Perfect money 
    Perfect business 
    Perfect boss 
    Perfect slave 
    Perfect pride 
    Perfect indifference 
    Perfect evil 

    Faster than before 
    Our lives today, are insane 

    Perfect Debt 
    Perfect despair 
    Perfect lie 
    Perfect mask 
    Perfect pressure 
    Perfect drug 
    Perfect rage 
    Perfect violence 
    Perfect pain 
    Perfect suffering 
    Perfect agony 
    Perfect crying 
    Perfect sadness 
    Perfect tears 
    Perfect machine 
    Perfect death 

    Faster than before 
    Our lives today, are insane 

    Lyrics by Gonzalo Rodriguez, Ignacio Orellana.

Recorded in 2015 at Oily Sounds Studios, New Windsor, NY.
Mixed by Ignacio Orellana and Mastered by LANDR