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Pirosaint part ways with latest singer

Pirosaint part ways with latest singer

Watch "A New Yesterday" live video

Pirosaint have uploaded a live video for “A New Yesterday” recorded on Sep 4th, 2015 at Blackthorn 51 in Queens, NY.

PIROSAINT confirms new singer Billy Vanders

Pirosaint have confirmed the addition of Bill Vanders as its new vocalist.

House Of Hardcore featuring Naioth singer

'House Of Hardcore' was written for 'The House Of Hardcore' (Wrestling Academy) in Poughkeepsie, NY. 

PIROSAINT @ Gussy's Bar in Astoria NY (01/09/15)

Photos by Rodrigo 'Terco' Fredes

PIROSAINT part ways with singer

NY based band Pirosaint have announced that Gonzalo Rodriguez will no longer continue as the band's vocalist. 

PIROSAINT performing instrumentals to help his singer

Bill Smith, Ignacio Orellana, Ron Buckner rehearsing for the instrumental shows that PIROSAINT has scheduled as part of their "100 For a Friend" Campaign

PIROSAINT launches campaign to help their singer

New York-based band Pirosaint has launched, via their website, to gather money to aid one of its members.

PIROSAINT uploads playthrough video

The video of 'Tonight' contains images of the members of the band performing the song at Oily Sound Studio in New Windsor, NY. 

PIROSAINT uploads studio update

New York band PIROSAINT have uploaded a video update of the 'vocals recordings'.

Commemorating of the 20th anniversary

New York based band Pirosaint have announced that during this weekend (Friday 14th until Sunday 16th)

Pirosaint interviewed at ArmyOfOneTV

ArmyOfOneTV talked to the members of the New York, NY band Pirosaint. announce winners

New York based online magazine have announced the winners of 'Win a copy of Infected Brutality'

Win a copy of PIROSAINT 'Infected Brutality' CD

The album "Infected Brutality" was digitally released via Digmetalworld Records and its been distributed via MVD Entertainment Group in North America by the end of 2013.

Infected Brutality (2013) Demos remastered

INFECTED BRUTALITY is the exclusive remastered versions of our two legendary demos recorded in Chile at Rec. Studios by Jose Luis Corral + Previously unreleased live material.

PIROSAINT release "Tonight" lyric video

PIROSAINT have released a lyric video for their new track 'Tonight'

"Tonight" - New track streaming

We have uploaded a second promo audio/single of its upcoming album "Pirosaint".

"A New Yesterday" - New track

We have released the first promo audio/single of its upcoming album.

PIROSAINT rejoins with original singer

New York, NY based thrash metal band PIROSAINT have announced that it will be rejoined by its original singer Gonzalo Rodriguez to record the vocals for its full album 2013

'I'd Rather See Them Bleed' - Free download

The band have uploaded a brand new track called "I'd rather see them bleed" featuring its new line up.

PIROSAINT en Live Wire -66- Lunes, 8 de Octubre de 2012

LIVE WIRE de esta semana...

PIROSAINT en Solo Metal Podcast 40 « Klandestine

Entrevista a Ignacio Orellana via Skype (directo desde NY). 

"Somos Legion" on Evolution Rock (Oct 6, 2012)

In this episode...

"Somos Legion" feat. members of VASTATOR and RAINING

We have uploaded the track "Somos Legion" featuring Sr. Diaz of VASTATOR and Sebastian Osorio of RAINING.


As you may have read around... While currently, we are auditioning singers for Pirosaint, we've decided to work on something very special. 

STATIC-X, Aug 19th, 2012 at The Chance Theater

PIROSAINT have been confirmed as a supporting act for STATIC X on Aug 19th @ The Chance Theater

PIROSAINT recording at Oily Sounds Studios

PIROSAINT is right now recording a track at Oily Sounds Studios, New Windsor, NY

Ignacio Orellana to perform with SACRED OATH

Our drummer Ignacio Orellana, will be replacing Kenny Evans from the band SACRED OATH.

PIROSAINT is Back in Business

Metal is back in town.

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