Pirosaint is a thrash metal band from NYC.

The project was formed in 1989 in Santiago, Chile by a Gonzalo Rodriguez, Fransua Tapia, Paolo Maugard, Jorge Caballero and Ignacio Orellana, shortly after the release of its first demo in 1992, the two guitar players and bass player left the band, they were replaced by Alfredo Viciencio and Jose Jara.

The band joined a small but powerful and enthusiastic local heavy metal scene. After releasing two demos in 1992 and 1994, the band issued an EP called New God in 1997.

In 2011, the band was reformed by Ignacio Orellana, Ron Buckner, Bill Smith and Gonzalo Rodriguez. After released two single tracks 'Tonight' & 'A new Yesterday', Gonzalo Rodriguez left the band due to personal reasons and that would affect the work done by the band.

In 2013 the band re released its two demos under the name of ‘ Infected Brutality’. In 2015 -2016 the band performed several live shows supporting local and national acts. The live singer was Billy Vanders.

In 2017 the band re-released the EP’ New God (remastered) digitally.

In 2021 Gonzalo rejoined the band and finished his previous work. The band released is long waiting album called ' Know Thyself'.

Pirosaint plays in a technical style, featuring fast rhythm sections and complex arrangements; themes of personal life and social problems are prominent in the group’s lyrics.

The band is currently working on new material.